Maybe I Should Open a Costume Shop

Growing Up Austin

Dress up clothes worn at our house, at most, one time: Doctor, Astronaut, Chef, Cheetah, Race Car Driver, Wizard, Batman, Superman, Bat Girl and Super Girl.

Dress up clothes worn at our house 1000+ times: Pink Princess, Blue Princess, White Princess, White Wedding Princess, Indian Wedding, Mermaid Wedding, Mermaid Princess and Snow White.

(Best place to get fun and inexpensive dress up clothes – Savers, at 5222 Burnet.)

One time Buttercup was wearing the Race Car Driver outfit and I was so excited but ends up she was playing the Lion in a Princess game and she just needed something in a dark color.

I want to give my girls choices. They don’t always choose what I want them to. Maybe I should open up a costume shop.

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