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Last Monday, I called my Mom and asked if she could help. 24 hours later I picked her up at the airport. Thank goodness for Moms.

There are two of me, my husband will tell you this, the one who worries and gets frustrated and thinks that a lot of things are really hard, and the other me who sees the funny side more easily, doesn’t get caught up in the drama over the details and naturally finds a graceful path through life’s challenges. I try to feed that second me more than the first. This blog is about the second and not the first.

But, for the last few weeks, I have been worried, frustrated and finding things hard. So, this is me trying to find the funny and graceful in it all…

The top 10 reasons why my Mom flew in to help this week…

10. The family has had five doctor appointments, four drug store visits and sixteen combined days of little-kid-home-from-day-care in just two weeks.

9. My job is changing by the minute, which is OK, except there is no part of the day where I can do something I know I know how to do, I have to figure it out one minute at a time.

8. I launched this blog which terrifies me. It is one thing to write, but it is another to hope that other people will read it.

7. Blue Eyes and I are finding parenting challenging in ways that make us stare into space and wonder in amazement how families make it long enough for the kids to go to college.

6. Blue Eyes and I had planned to go to Belize for our anniversary this month, but coordinating the babysitting, resort availability and frequent-flyler-miles-available-flights-which-mostly-require-overnight-layovers-in-out-of-the-way-airports hasn’t worked out.

5. We haven’t filed our taxes yet.

4. We had planned to go camping for the weekend with friends, but the trip kept shrinking to fit what we could manage and in the end the family cooked hamburgers in the backyard.

3. We bought a house.

2. Did I mention we bought a house?

1. I had started to imagine that my phone was ringing.

11. My Mom loves the girls. The girls love their Mimi.

Thanks, Mom. You helped so much. Thanks, Blue Eye’s Dad who helped a ton before Mom got here. Families are the best. I hope I can fly in and help my girls one day. I’m feeling better and hopeful that this week will be funny and graceful…

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  1. You bought a HOUSE? Where? What?!


  2. joan

    Wish I was closer to Austin!


  3. Sydney

    Don’t worry if people are reading, we are. I love it! Number 4 is my favorite-at least you had fun? Things will improve? Ah….motherhood…is it all you hoped for and more? Looking to grandmotherhood already? Just kidding. I love buttercup and sparkles and I’m glad they are feeling better. 😉


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