Moms Have Been Twittering Forever

I’m on a walk with my neighbor and our four girls and we see a For Sale sign in a yard. It is Helen’s house, I blogged about her a few years ago. I want to tell my neighbor the story.

When I was younger, before kids, I would have had all day to tell this story, maybe on a long, uninterrupted phone call or at a happy hour that lasted for hours.

But, now I have to consider how long it will be before Buttercup pulls Sparkle’s hair or my neighbor’s toddler, Sparkles and Buttercup all want to ride in the double stroller at the same time or my neighbor’s baby starts crying. With three toddlers and a baby, something is always going on and you have to get the stories out quick!

I said something like “Helen lived here. She served pastries on Halloween. She couldn’t remember that Sparkles was a girl. She was so lonely. She’s in a home now.”

Just under 140 characters.

Moms have been twittering forever.

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  1. Jenna

    Love this. So true!


  2. Sydney

    This blog brightens my day every time 🙂


  3. Ah, thanks Sydney!
    Thanks for the comments Jenna!


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