Mother Nature Showing Off at Bull Creek

75 degrees. Sunny. Happy girls and lucky parents. And Mother Nature puts on a show. This is our afternoon heading north from Bull Creek, trail head #8.

A baby snapping turtle.

A blueish-orangish perch, just before the fisherman lets him go.

A real-live, swimming, rock-climbing, beautiful gray and black snake.

Birds flying in and out of their homes underneath the bridge on 360 that crosses Bull Creek. (This picture is taking looking straight up at the underside of the bridge, with a zoom lens. No live action of the birds, though, my camera isn’t that good!)

One spot in the trail with lots of trees and shade, so it feels like you are deep in a forest and where everything smells different.

A mini waterfall. (Everything is bigger in Texas except for our waterfalls.)

Splashing in the puddles made by the dips in the face of the rock.

Well, done, Mother Nature. Thanks for a great day.

Find more information about Bull Creek on Austin Kids Hike, this story is from Trail Head #6.

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