My Baby is a Genius – Part II

Growing Up Austin

Almost anything can happen once, but this was this was the third time Buttercup had peed on the floor just in front of the toilet. We were at a fancy wedding, she was wearing a fancy dress, standing right in front of the toilet, with a puddle between her legs. Thank goodness for the extra pair of panties in my purse.

Buttercup asks for privacy when she goes to the bathroom these days. Something must be going on behind the door. I knelt down and looked Buttercup in the eye. “What is going on, baby girl?” (Maybe I should stop calling her baby girl. She is three-years-old, after all.) She looked at me a little shy, then she spilled the beans.

She was trying to pee like a boy.

I’m not serious about specific and narrow gender-based boundaries for my girls, except when it comes to how to pee. I explained to Buttercup that she is a girl, she doesn’t have a penis and she needs to sit down to pee.

Sometimes when you are very sure you are right as a parent, you aren’t.

We were home a few days later and Buttercup had to pee. She was looking for the bathroom stool. I asked her if she really needed it now that she is three-years-old. She said she did need it so we found it and she went about her business. But she left the door open. As I walked by, I saw something strange.

She was peeing like a boy.


She was standing on the stool, leaning over the toilet with her hands on the toilet tank, so when she peed, the pee went into the toilet.

My baby is a genius. (I think.)

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  1. Sydney

    So good!!! I love it! 🙂


    Carol Reply:

    There are more surprises all the time, that is for sure.


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