My Baby is a Genius – Part I

Growing Up Austin

Buttercup takes her shoes off and sets them down in the hallway, next to the wall. I ask her to please put her shoes in the shoe basket. She says she really wants to put them in the hallway, next to the wall.

I stop what I’m doing. I walk to her, kneel down and look her in the eye. This is serious.

Socks and shoes are a source of drama at our house. It takes the girls 30 minutes to get dressed and eat breakfast and 90 minutes to put on their socks and shoes. An important part of Blue Eyes’ and my strategy for not being late to work every single day is to keep all girl’s shoes not on a girl’s foot in the girl’s shoe basket at all times.

I explain to her the importance of the shoe basket and ask her again to put her shoes away. She picks up her shoes and walks towards the basket. I turn around to help Sparkles with something. When I’m done, I turn back around and see Buttercup’s solution.

She put her shoes in the shoe basket.

She put the shoe basket in the hallway, next to the wall.

My baby is a genius.

(Stay tuned for a special Tuesday post with more evidence of my baby girl’s genius ways.)

Announcement: I’m going to recommend a kids’ Art Show at the Monkey Nest in a few weeks that will sell kids’ art to raise money for CASA, an organization of volunteers that advocate for abused or neglected children.  It’s a fundraiser related to Casa’s Super Hero Run in September. If your kids want to help other kids by making super hero-inspired art for the art sale, contact Bryony at Bryony is a Super Woman herself and the art show will be special for the kids and helpful for CASA. My kids are making art, send her a note if you can join us!

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