My Book Would Be Much Shorter

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Blue Eyes and I went to see Elizabeth Gilbert last night, as part of our Paramount mini-season pass. This is an indulgence, because the mini-season pass might seem like it costs about $350 a year for two, but really, if you get a babysitter and eat sushi before the show, then it is much, much more. But we decided to do it anyway. Because four times a year, there is a special date on the calendar that we really look forward to, and we won’t get so caught up in the day-to-day, that we forget to take this time just for us.

I like Elizabeth Gilbert because I want to be her…

I want to write like her and be on Oprah and go on tour, telling funny stories and answering questions from the audience, all while making a pretty amazing amount of money. I would have to have a different idea for a book, because here is my chapter on meditation…

Count to 5. That is how I meditate. Each morning, first thing, well, after my shower, I sit on the living room rug, in the quiet house, before anyone else gets up and I count to five. It might seem easy, but it isn’t really. It isn’t long after I think ‘1’ that my mind, seeing free time that could be put to productive use, starts thinking of things I need to do during the day. So, I start back at ‘1’ again, then ‘2’, then I think of something I meant to tell Blue Eyes, I’ll need to find time today. So, I start back at ‘1’. I try to quiet my mind, to know that there is enough time for what I need to do, that I give this time to let my mind rest and be quiet. ‘1….2…..3…,’ what was that dream about? We were in a different house along a creek…, ‘1….’ It takes me a while some mornings.

After I get to five, I do yoga stretches, not for spiritual balance so much, more to keep from having to go to the chiropractor every week, which is also a good thing. Then I close in child’s pose with ‘1…2…1…1…2…3…4…1…2…3…4…5.’

I haven’t traveled to an ashram or seen transcendent colors and lights, and it would be a pretty short book, there is only so much I could say about counting to five. But maybe that is the idea for the book. Maybe counting to five is real too, just in a different way.  Hmmmm, I will think more about that one. Just not in the morning just after my shower.

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  1. You know, I still don’t get that Eat, Pray, Love book. It ANNOYED me. I felt like, “Glad you have time to go all over the world and find yourself, lady. I’ve got commitments I intend to keep.” Let me know when your book comes out. I gather it will be slightly more pragmatic!


    Carol Reply:

    Yeah, my book would be more about what you figure out when you are still at home with the kids and your husband.


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