My Tummy Hurts

I had a bad day. Not a super bad day, just a regular bad day, which isn’t a super regular thing, thank goodness.

I’ve been eating healthy lately, so I decided to do something different and eat for fun, to make up for my bad day, using some weird kind of math. I was at the airport early for my flight, so I had time and lots of options to choose from. Without thinking much about it, I ate a four cheese pizza, two beers, $5 in chocolate and a vanilla late in about an hour and a half.

It was a super bad idea.

I’m hoping for a better day tomorrow.

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  1. Sydney

    Good luck! I’ve been doing the same thing…all month, I need a diet and a new job 🙂


    Carol Reply:

    Oh, no! Good luck with both!


  2. disala

    Hope you had a better day:)
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  3. Disala,

    Thanks! I feel better now. In my last trip to the airport I went for chocolate and a glass of wine. That worked much better.



  4. It seems that you made a great plans. I’m also planning to have my diet, avoid all my favorite sweet foods as I could.
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