No Need To Rush

So, I’m catching a 6:30am flight and I’m in line for security when my phone rings. An automated message from Delta tells me my flight has been delayed until 9:30am.Well, this would have been good information to have at 4:30am when I woke up, but oh, well.

Then I had this idea. Three hours is a long time and my very favorite breakfast, the Migas at Polvo’s, isn’t that far away. I could leave, have breakfast, take a nap, do a little shopping and then come back. Well, to play it safe, I would just have breakfast.

I got out of the security line and asked a Delta agent. “So, the flight is at 9:30 and I can I just come back then?” and he said “Yes.”

So, I was about 20 minutes away from the airport, I had just finished my coffee and it was 7:05 when I got an alert from Trip Case on my iPhone. “DL2419 is now departing from AUS at 7:45am”

Oh, #$%$@#$!!!! I have never missed a business flight ever, even with years of flying every one-to-three weeks. I take it very seriously, maybe too seriously.

I jump in the car and drive fast. I park in close-in garage parking. I run with my bags to the security line and tell the TSA agent, “I’m about to miss my flight!”  He tells me to go through the premium line. I tell the next TSA agent, “I’m about to miss my flight!” He says lane 4 was just about to open, there isn’t a wait. Then, I grab my belt and shoes and bags and run to the gate. Oh, did I tell you I have a broken toe? I run on my broken toe all the way to gate 5, at the end of the terminal. I make it to the gate at 7:30, about to have a heart attack, but ON TIME.

The gate agent sees me running and motions for me to slow down. No need to rush, he said. The flight has been delayed again.

UPDATE: The flight was delayed by another half hour two more times, then left around 9:00. The mechanical problems with the plane were fixed quickly, but the flight crew got the first message from Delta about the new 9:30 time and they took it very seriously. Maybe they had the Miga’s at Polvo’s.

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  1. Sydney

    Haha so funny! Hope your toe held up. I promise not to leave the airport, I will have the overpriced coffee and breakfast once I go through security. Also, those “30 minute” delays….I went through about 3 hours of them last time I flew. I was starving and could have eaten 3-4 times and had a couple of drinks. Instead I sat on the floor and waited to board 30 mins at a time, hungry and annoyed.


    Carol Reply:

    Flying an be so fun sometimes, right?


    Sydney Reply:

    Oh, yes.


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