Not So Happy Hour

No, I don’t have a picture of this one, I was too busy just trying to make sure my kids weren’t playing in the parking lot.

My church group has a covenant and part of it is to tell the good stories more than the bad. You know, don’t just complain all the time, be intentional about noticing the things that go right. And this blog is part of that for me, I don’t complain too much, I share the stories that I want to see more of, the ones I want to remember and enjoy.

But really, there comes a time when you just have to be more honest than that.

So, I had a great Little Deli experience last week. I went back to Little Deli tonight for another Happy Hour with the girls and it wasn’t as beautiful a moment as it has been, back when the weather wasn’t completely perfect.

Tonight the weather was completely perfect.

Damn, that perfect weather.

I invited a few girlfriends and their kids and then I invited a Mom from Sparkles’ play date in the afternoon and a friend from Sparkles day care happened to be there along with half of the rest of the neighborhood and we crossed the threshold for how much fun we can have while not getting hurt. There were so many kids, Sparkles was running in circles with girls her age, testing the boundaries, venturing outside my site. Buttercup didn’t want to wear her shoes or eat her pizza and she ran in the opposite direction as Sparkles so I would stand frozen, not sure which kid to follow, looking for cars in the parking lot, making complex danger calculations in my head, trying to decide which one I would chase first and how can a Mom decide something like that?

I LOVE Little Deli. Did I tell you how AMAZING their pizza is? One of my friends had a great idea. Still do Happy Hour at Little Deli, but have one of us pick up the pizzas and meet at the park down the street, on days when the weather is perfect and there are a hundred or so kids playing outside the Little Deli.

Thanks, Katie, for the great idea.  Thanks, Clare, for helping me get to the car. Thank you God for this quiet time in my house tonight with all the kids asleep. Good night everyone, good night.

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  1. Clare

    Anytime, Carol. 🙂 Love you!


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