Oh, My, What a Big Domain You Have

I’ve been working on a project and like everybody knows and they must teach in business school these days, the first step is to buy your domain name. Blue Eyes had an idea and lucky for me, it was available, so I click through saying ‘no’ to all 389 additional offers, I enter my credit card information and I move the mouse over the Place Order Now button.

Then out of the corner of my eye, I see something strange, a typo or defect maybe. There are an awful lot of numbers in that final price. And what is that comma doing in there?

This domain costs $3,588.18.

I start over and search for the domain again. It isn’t a typo or defect. It really costs that much. It is a “Premium Domain” from GoDaddy.com. Someone owns the domain and lists it on Go Daddy with their asking price. These domains use the same search and the purchase steps as the $11.99 domains.

Good for me that I looked out of the corner of my eye. Otherwise this fancy domain might have taken the place of the family vacation, Christmas and/or Noel’s college. And, no, I don’t need a domain name that big. I found a regular sized domain name for $11.99 and it fits just right.

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  1. Sydney

    That would have been terrible!!


  2. I told Blue Eyes this story and he didn’t think it was funny at all. Oh, no. I laughed, though, after I was sure I was out of danger.


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