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Did you know the heavy metal band Scale the Summit will be playing SXSW Wednesday night at 1:20AM (well, really, Thursday morning) in a crowded, downtown bar called The Mohawk ?

Well, for all of you Parents With Kids, I might as well give the schedule of the astronauts training for the next  Space Shuttle mission. It might be interesting, but definitely not something you can do yourself.

When I look at the SXSW schedule on-line, with the thousands of bands that play in hundreds of bars, it makes me dizzy. So, I have simplified things. Here is my Parents With Kids version of the SXSW music schedule:

Auditorium Shores
Free Music! Food! Arts and Crafts!
Saturday, March 20, noon – dark
Featuring bands you might not know but will have fun seeing anyway

If you have older kids who aren’t a flight risk, you could find more that is all right for kids and doesn’t require a badge. Here are some ideas…

Waterloo day-time in-stores
KUT’s day-time showcase at the Hilton
KGSR’s day-time showcase at the Four Seasons
More evening shows at Auditorium Shores

It doesn’t have to be late at night (or super early in the morning) to have fun and having kids doesn’t mean you have to stay home. I hope you get a chance to catch a show or two.

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  1. Lillian Teixeira

    Most of our rides to Austin are quite pleasant – lovely country scenery down 290 with a stop at the Chappel Hill Meat Market, a skirt around Brenham to bring back wonderful memories, and maybe another stop along the way for refreshments. One trip seemed long and rainy and very tiring. Actually, a nap felt like what we needed. But then, we get to the Ramsey’s home and there was that georgous, happy smile of Sophia’s with her arms open for a hug and an awesome “Hi, Mimi” just as friendly and heartwarming as if we see each other every day. This followed by hugs and hello’s from Carol, Sean, Austen, and baby Alana. No more tired- just completely rejuvinated!
    Dad and I wish you wonderful success with your blog, Carol. We love you and yours.


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