Play Me, I’m Yours at Lady Bird Lake

Sparkles, Buttercup and I ran in this piano in the gazebo on Lady Bird Lake near Congress Street. It was random and spontaneous and who knows what mini-concerts might happened there a moment’s notice.

I did some Internet searches about a week later and turns out I CAN see what mini-concerts might have happened there. The piano was one of fourteen pianos placed in public locations as part of the “Play Me, I’m Yours” art project by Luke Jerram and sponsored by Art Alliance Austin.

Oh, my, this is different than super old art in a fancy museum that you can’t touch or really understand without an art degree. My kids and I are supposed to touch this and play it and sing something silly. Regular people are invited to paint on the pianos and every piano looks different.  So much of life is planned and practiced and I loved the unexpected and generous spirit of “Play Me, I’m Yours.”

(Well, it would have been way more fun if I would have posted this before May 1, when the art project ended and the pianos went away, to be donated to local schools.  We found the piano almost at the end of the project. I’m sorry about that. I wanted to share anyway, because the web site is still a lot of fun.)

Here is another picture of the girls looking at downtown from Butler Park. I hope you find something fun and spontaneous there the next time you go.


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  1. Sydney

    I have got to enjoy more of what Austin has to offer! The pianos are cool, what a lucky find!


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