Possible Trauma

I’m in Minneapolis for work, in a Hilton hotel, along with a conference of cheer leaders. Cheer leaders are practicing in all the open spaces and as I walk to the elevators, there are girls in the air, standing on someone’s shoulders, all the time, as if it were normal.

I came back to the hotel from the office today and saw a girl laying on a bench with people hovering around her. She must be hurt. I wonder if she is all right. I get closer.

The people hovering around her are applying her makeup.  Very fancy eye makeup and face-paint letters on her cheeks. Three people are working at one time and she is laying still, so they can work. I’ve never had so much attention on my makeup. Holy cow, I just started wearing lipstick again since Buttercup was born.

I’m glad she is OK. It is fun to see random sights in the open spaces. Just 24 more hours and I’ll be home with my husband and my girls. That will be even more fun.

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  1. Cheerleaders & smithergeens. I’m glad you made it back in one piece. 🙂


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