Rice Krispies Shortage in Austin, Texas

Despite the modern technology and sophisticated software that ensures the right products are in the right stores at the moment we want to buy them, Kellog’s Rice Krispies are no longer available at my house. We have run out and we can’t find it in the store anymore. This shortage is likely to last for months.

Long enough for Buttercup to get a little better using a spoon, so she doesn’t do that twist into the mouth that leaves half of the milk and cereal in her lap. Long enough for her to stop dipping her hand into the bowl, pulling out a few krispies at a time, dripping milk on the way to her mouth. Long enough for her to learn another way to let us know she is done besides turning her bowl upside down and watching the rest of the milk and soggy cereal drip on the table, chair and floor.

A friend told me about her friend who didn’t put milk in her kids’ cereal when they were young so it would be less messy and the kids didn’t know any better until they had cereal at a friend’s house one day. I tried this with Buttercup, but she had already had the milk in her cereal and there as no going back.

It feels strange to take something away that they love so much, especially from Sparkles, because she handles her cereal just fine. But as parents you have so much mental and physical energy to give and it is OK to say, “Hey, I need a break this time.”

Maybe we’ll come up with a new favorite or maybe they will just be very excited when the distribution problems are solved and we have cereal in milk again. For now, I’ll have some more time with my coffee and less time with the cleaning supplies. Don’t tell them what I told you, I just need a little time.

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  1. Bryony Gomez-Palacio

    did you know that you can only buy jell-o in Houston? and cajeta in Mexico? and the list goes on…


  2. Jell-o in Houston, huh? Houston had cereal with milk this past weekend at Grandma’s house. Those kids in Houston have it made…


  3. Sydney

    Being an adult comes with so much knowledge…and so many new skills. I think that the shortages are horrible, but someday Sparkles and Buttercup may gain new abilities like finding boxed goods where none existed…watch out for the grocery store!


  4. Emily

    I agree that cereal with milk is usually not even worth the effort with a toddler, but both of my boys liked it when I mixed-in yogurt. Since it’s thicker it isn’t quite as messy and it clings to the spoon in a gravity-defying manner. Awesome.


  5. Oh, my, that is a great idea! I’m going to try that! Thanks, Emily!


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