Saying Goodbye to My Baby at HEB

I had my grocery list in my iPhone app that sorts by aisle. Then I noticed something, I was walking right by aisle 23, right on by, I didn’t need a single thing on the baby aisle.

I stopped and remembered. I had spent a lot of time on aisle 23 in the past year and a half, getting pacifiers and teething biscuits and formula and baby food. Buttercup eats regular food now and some would say she isn’t even a baby anymore, she’s a little girl.

That night, when I moved her from the pack-n-play (where she cries before falling asleep) back to her crib (in the room she shares with Sparkles), she started to wake up and I didn’t even mind. I sat in the easy chair in the girls’ room, leaned the chair back, laid her on my chest and she fell back asleep. I held her for a long time, feeling her breathe, whispering “I love you,” holding onto my baby for one more night.

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  1. Jenna

    Now that I’m past the utterly exhausting first six weeks, I don’t really mind being awakened during the night to snuggle and feed. I feel privileged, in fact, to have the opportunity to care for him. I’m certain that I’ll lament when his baby days are behind me.


  2. I remember my last few night time feedings with Sparkles. It was so peaceful, in the dark, quiet house, just me and her. I agree, there is nothing like that baby time.


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