Science and Math at Barton Creek

I don’t know how the science of this all works, I just know that it can be 104 degrees outside and if you get wet it isn’t too hot anymore. I love that. Well, I love October weather more, but it still feels good to get wet on a hot summer day. This is a picture from when the girls, their Uncle and I headed to the free part of Barton Springs, just north of the main pool, for a quick dip. (This is where the dogs hang out, so it isn’t such a good spot if your little kids don’t get along with dogs.) This part of Barton Springs is also free, so not only does the science work out, the math does too.

Find more information about Barton Creek on Austin Kids Hike, this story is from Trail Head #6.

¬†(Disclaimer: This¬† happened about a month ago. Lately, we haven’t been hiking very much. Yes, sure, it is cool in the water when it is 104 degrees outside, but there is the getting there and getting back in the car that is 140 degrees inside. Hmm, I’ll let y’all know if I come up with any bright ideas to help us through the rest of this summer.)




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  1. Sydney

    I love that part of Barton Springs! We take our dogs sometimes.


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