Sing Alongs, Good Coffee and Spoon

We are driving down the street and Sparkles is banging her arms on her car seat arm rests and yelling “Burning Down the House!” She is smiling and giggling and singing all at the same time.

During the holidays, Sparkles started singing for real, Jingle Bells and Frosty the Snowman were favorite. She has her own playlist on my iPhone now, with some classics by the Beatles, Elvis and the Talking Heads. (You might not think the Talking Heads belongs in that list, but in my family it does.) Then there are the show tunes, because she LOVES the show tunes, with a few songs from The Little Mermaid, Snow White and Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.  Yes, my play lists have changed.

My Friday nights have changed too. When I was younger, my Friday nights started late, involved a lot of people who I didn’t know and required wine or beer or margaritas, something to drink that signaled a celebration, it was Friday after all!

On this Friday night, I’m at Pacha Coffee House on Burnet near 45th by myself. I had a quiche and iced tea for dinner. Every now and then I stop typing and notice the quiet. (Well, music is playing softly and there is a hum coming from the refrigerated case with food, but no one is squealing or giggling or screaming or crying, so quiet, relatively speaking.) I’ll stay a couple of hours and get home by 9:00 so I can catch up on sleep.

This is my night off, Blue Eyes has the girls. If my younger self were reading this, she might be worried and sad, but I’m not worried or sad. The feeling of this night, the quiet, the good food, being able to write, it feels really good.

I like Pacha for times like this. The coffee is pretty good, I like the coffee, but I LOVE the food, especially for breakfast. Their breakfast tacos are made to order with fresh, organic ingredients. Yummmmm. It is intimate too, there are regulars who know each other, it feels like some of them have been having coffee together at Pacha for a hundred years.

But, I think I will wrap up early here and head to Waterloo to get Spoon’s new album Transference, because things have changed, but they haven’t changed THAT much and there is room for me and Blue Eyes and the kids in what I do. Maybe I will stay up past 10 tonight, for old time’s sake, maybe not, it’s all good here.

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