Sometimes It is Better to Stop

Growing Up Austin Parenting

Errands are slower with kids. Sometime just getting everyone in the car and buckled in takes twenty minutes. When I run errands by myself now, I feel like a time traveler, everything gets done so fast. One kid is faster than two though, so when I was running errands with Sparkles, we weren’t doing too bad. I had one errand left when Sparkles said she was thirsty, which was frustrating, because I was so tired.

In my younger days, I would have buckled down and gotten my business done no matter what.

These days, I stop for a coffee and a glass of milk.

Sparkles and I talked about our days and what we wanted to do over the weekend. Then we talked about her school and our cat Daisy. It was relaxing and sweet, just some simple time to enjoy each other.

I didn’t get my final errand done that weekend, but I’d rather share a drink and conversation with my little girl than have a perfectly complete to-do list. It took me a while to figure that out, that sometimes you get more by doing less, and sometimes it is better to stop.

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