Somewhere In There It Was a Little Funny

Well, all right, someone pointed out that I let everyone know about me telling a story about almost killing my Grandma at The Story Department, then I never followed up. Well, it turned out just fine, if I’m not being too perfect about it. I was feeling nervous, so I wrote the first sentence on my hand and you know what happened then, right? I forgot the second sentence. Ouch. But, I recovered and now I have a funny story I can share in my storytelling class. Then there is the video quality. Maybe I can call it performance art and say the dark images are an expression of my hidden emotions of stories untold, but really, the place is just dark and I don’t have any special lighting equipment. Somewhere in there, though, it is a little funny.┬áIf you are willing to take a chance, check it out, starting at 2:18, and let me know what you think.

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