Sparkles’ Curious and Scientific Mind

Sparkles has a curious and scientific mind and sometimes she will observe a series of related actions, to compare and contrast the results of each action. So, while the battery-operated fan was originally designed to blow bubbles, Sparkles studied the effects of using it as a hair styling device on Buttercup. Results of her observations include:

– Buttercup doesn’t like this, it seems to hurt.

– Bald spots let you see the skin on your sister’s head all the time.

– Hair caught in a fan can sustain permanent damage and stick up in the air even after many washings and hair product experiments.

Now both our little girls have strange-looking hair, thanks to Sparkles. If I were Noel, I would lay low and keep an eye out for Sparkles and her curious, scientific mind.

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  1. Jessica

    Oh No! Not the beautiful curls! Got to love her!


  2. And here I thought it was just boys who did things like that. Poor Buttercup!


  3. Gloria

    Looks like we have a future stylist in the family. I just hope that you and Noel escape her further trials.


  4. Sydney

    This is one way to look at it…are you now hearing about the bald spot daily? Poor Buttercup, I bet that did hurt.


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