Sparkles In Style

Sparkles has started to get dressed on her own and it is beautiful to watch. I’m in awe of her independence and her style.

To fully appreciate the outfit above, you need to know that it starts with princess panties, then a one-piece Little Mermaid bathing suit, followed by University of Texas cheer leading bloomers, then Little Mermaid pajama bottoms, a glittery top and cowboy boots. (If you are wondering about her unusual haircut, read more here.) Here she is below, later the same day, continuing with the bathing suit theme. When she dresses funky, she puts her hand on her hip a lot. (You might think this is some kind of artsy photo, but really, it is just a really bad photo taken with my phone.)

I love her look. Watch out Project Runway, Sparkles is headed your way.

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  1. Sydney

    It is a cool photo, sometimes art just finds you!


  2. torie

    love, LOVE that style!


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