Superman, March for Grace and Mother’s Day

Yesterday, Sparkles, Buttercup and I were walking along Lady Bird Lake. Buttercup was in the red wagon and Sparkles was walking next to it. Then Sparkles walked up a separate sidewalk that headed further up a hill, but it merged back with the trail just up ahead, so I let her go. It is fun to see her independence and also see her look our way now and then, just to check in.

Near the end, when the sidewalk and the trail merged again, Sparkles left the sidewalk and walked into the grass, avoiding the merge. Then she started heading up towards the street. I told her to stop and she didn’t.

Just then, a man jogging along the lower trail made a hard turn and ran towards Sparkles. He picked her up in his arms and flew into the afternoon sky, his cape billowing in the wind…

Photo courtesy of Chicago Now.

Well, maybe not exactly like that.

For one thing, it wasn’t Superman, but I think it might have been Kirk Watson, the Texas Senator.

Photo courtesy of the Burnt Orange Report.

It looked like him and he seemed like a person in charge, even on a run at Lady Bird Lake. And this wouldn’t be the first time I had run into a local politician on a run at Lady Bird Lake.

I hadn’t been that worried about Sparkles, she was looking back at me and I know pretty well how far she will go. But it helped to have an extra set of hands too, since the hill was too steep for the wagon and I wanted to be sure the wagon wasn’t going to roll on the trail before I went up the hill to get Sparkles.

So, thanks to Kirk Watson, or his look-alike, for his help at Lady Bird Lake. But that is only half the story.

Sparkles, Buttercup and I were walking in the March of Dimes Walk for Babies on Barbara, Joe and Kate Haller’s team.

Women have sisters they were born with and sisters they meet later on and Barbara is one of my new sisters. Almost three years ago, we were in Seton hospital at the same time. We had each mourned the death of one of our twin babies, my baby Grace and her baby Jack. We both stayed pregnant with the second twin for a while, but they were both born early. Our baby girls, Sparkles and Kate, were NICU roommates.

Our baby girls will be three-years-old next month. They are both super healthy and happy and amazing. They both benefited from March of Dimes research. It isn’t too late to donate to Team Haller and the March of Dimes!

If you walked in the walk, you might know that the route isn’t along Lady Bird Lake. What, did we get lost? Not really. After the walk crossed Congress Bridge..

we took a left on purpose. Baby Grace’s ashes are buried at Twin Gardens on Lady Bird Lake. So we took a personally alternate route.

Now it is Sunday night and it has been a pretty good Mother’s Day. There was all the family-hugs-and-kisses part this morning and then a pretty indulgent rest-of-the-day-without-kids-and-with-spending-money for some of my favorite places,  Waterloo, Book People and Emeralds and someplace new, the By Cindy Day Spa. Blue Eyes and my girls took good care of me today.

I’ll close with a prayer to everyone who takes care of our babies including, but not limited to, Texas Senators, the March of Dimes, Moms and everyone who takes care of Moms. It really does take a village and I’m grateful to have such a good one.

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  1. Sydney

    Moms are so special. I’m glad you had a day to remember.


  2. torie

    did you email Kirk Watson to ask if it was really him?


  3. I did, but he didn’t write back. It will remain a mystery…


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