SXSW and Jessie’s Girl in the Same Week!

I love Spring Break week in Austin. There are so many fun things to do I could take off work and not sleep and still not get to it all. Here are my two favorites:

SXSW For Kids

Some would say that SXSW is a hassle and 2am Heavy Metal shows at The Mowhawk aren’t kid friendly, but here are two free, daytime, kid-friendly things to do:

All day Thursday, Friday and Saturday at the San Jose Motel on South Congress

Saturday afternoon at Auditorium Shores

Austin Rodeo

My next favorite thing is the Austin Rodeo. I don’t know much about cowboys, which is why I like to go, it is something different. And, they have a great, old-time carnival with pint-size-great-for-little-kid roller coasters, fun houses and cotton candy. And for us 40+ year old Moms, Rick Springfield is playing on Thursday night.

That is about all I have time to write! I’m going to go have some fun now!


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  1. Sydney

    I really like Jessie’s Girl…but the free shows at Auditorium Shores are calling me.


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