Lightning Strikes Twice on a Thursday

Thursday Night Out worked out again last week, in a random kind of way, without a lot of planning, with different people and different kinds of fun all in one night.

It started downtown at 219 West with a Chocolatini (or two) and the Mini Caprese Burgers. The tomatoes on the burgers were amazing, I imagined that they grew them on a roof-top garden and picked them only when I placed my order, because they tasted so good. The Chocolatinis were tasty too, equally strong and sweet.

Then on to Anthropologie to do a little shopping. I used to not understand this store, I thought it looked like someone’s laundry basket had exploded, with random colors and textures thrown all about. On this night a found a super cute raincoat, then the Mom in me checked the tag and it was made of linen. But I’m getting used to it and they have some clothes that make some sense, especially in the room in the back with the sale prices. I found a cute shirt and necklace and spent the last of my allowance.

I had to borrow from next week’s allowance to see the Texas Bluegrass Massacre with Bob Schneider at Threadgill’s. This show was the opposite of what happens on the radio. Everybody was hanging out together – the bluegrass, country, folk, blues, rock and a little R&B – and they got along just fine. The people were all different ages, hanging out and dancing, with a lot of free-form twisting-about. Bob Schneider was a comedian in-between songs and there was love in the air, you could feel it for sure when everyone sang the words to a coutry-ish version of Tarantula

There she goes
There in the moonlight
Under the stars

Well, tonight is a week later and Blue Eyes is out of town and I’m at home. Oh, no, maybe my good luck has run out. But I don’t think so, I’m really liking Thursday Night Out and I’m just resting up for next week. I’ll let you know how it goes.