Everyone Is OK

Austin Parenting Appendicitis(If I’m going to use this picture, I need to start with the title “Everyone Is OK.”)

Dr. Park, the anesthesiologist, introduced himself. Blue Eyes said, “No need for introductions, we know you from two months ago when one of our other daughters had surgery“.

I don’t want to know this guy.

Noel, our thirteen-year-old, woke up on Saturday night with a pain in her side and by morning she was having her appendix out at Dell Children’s Hospital. She is home now and doing well.

(You might think I’m making this up about having a thirteen-year-old, because I don’t write about her. But she is thirteen and on-line and I let her have her own on-line experience without her Step-Mom writing about her, but every now and then, I write a little something, like you won’t believe this fight we had the other day… just kidding…)

On Sunday night, I went to bed early, my body was tired and my soul was tired, a kind of tired a parent gets when they have been getting things done and taking care of the family, but worrying about their kid at the same time.

Nothing personal, Dr. Park, but I hope we don’t meet again for a very, very long time, at least long enough for me to not remember you and hopefully when all my kids are grown and we aren’t anywhere near a hospital, maybe on a cruise ship or playing bingo in a retirement community.

For now, my tired soul is also a thankful soul, thankful that everyone is OK.