Unprepared, Nervous and Wearing Tight Pants

Smart Girls at the Party

(I said I would follow-up on ACL and I will later this week, but I wanted to share these two posts with you first, since the Texas Conference for Women is coming soon.)

The clock said 10:20. I was scheduled to interview Meredith Walker, co-creator of the Smart Girls at the Party YouTube channel, at 11:00. Smart Girls at the Party includes a web series and community site for adolescent girls, encouraging them to change the world by being themselves. Meredith is part of the Young Women’s Program at the Texas Conference for Women, which will be at the Austin Convention Center on October 24.

I had managed to prepare for the interview for two hours without writing down a single question. Then I realized I didn’t have any clean pants that also fit. And then I remembered that I was a blogger, not a journalist, whose blog wasn’t even about adolescent girls anyway.

It’s isn’t that I didn’t try. I had spent the morning watching Smart Girls at the Party, Girls of the World and Ask Amy videos on You Tube. I lost track of time because I couldn’t stop watching.

Well, it wasn’t me watching really, it was my twelve-year-old me, feeling how I felt back then, and imagining how good it would have felt to hear these words. It was my twelve-year-old me hearing that it’s going to be OK, and my 45-year-old me feeling a little more calm for believing it.

Part of me felt that this might be something really special, a gem of wisdom and light in a sometimes dark Internet world. The other part of me wasn’t convinced. When I hear someone say I should ‘be myself,’ I don’t really know what that means. The next thing you know, they are going to say that everyone is special.

By 10:40, I finished my questions. Then I had to decide if it was better to wear dirty pants that fit or clean pants that make it slightly hard to breathe. (I chose the clean ones.) Then I tried to print my questions and my printer ran out of ink.

I made it to Central Market on time. I got a cup of coffee. I waited.

In my next post, I’ll tell you how it went.