Who Loves Baby Rattlesnakes?

A LOT of people. The most common search term for people who find my blog is “growing up Austin,” which makes sense, I guess. Here are the second through fifth most common search terms:

  • baby rattlesnake
  • baby rattlesnake pictures
  • baby rattle snake
  • baby rattlesnakes

I get hits every day from someone searching for baby rattlesnakes. They are finding my post from a while back, where Sparkles, Buttercup and I met Shaggy and his baby rattlesnake at Lady Bird Lake.

I would just like to say “Welcome” to all the baby rattlesnake fans who visit GrowingUpAustin.com. I don’t have an awful lot of information or pictures for you and you may not be a parent living in Austin who might like my other posts, but I would still like to extend a warm welcome. So you know I’m thinking about you too, here are a few of my favorite baby rattlesnake links…

lots of pictures

a good story

practical information

With love,