Now it is Really Hot

Texas is burning. There are wildfires west, north and southeast of Austin. There are fires in fifteen other Texas towns. Thousands of acres of land and hundreds of homes are burned. For a map of active fires, click here.

Sunday started off as such a good day. Blue Eyes was working on our outdoor speakers. The kids and I were outside too and there was an amazing breeze. It was less-than-crazy-hot for the first time in months. We must have said it a hundred times, “We love this breeze!!!.”

We didn’t know until later that the high winds and the long-time drought created perfect conditions for wild fires to start all over Texas.

I imagined the city dancing in the streets on our first day of cooler weather. Now we are just trying to figure out how to help. Here is the Central Texas Red Cross link. They are a good place to start. These blog sites, Free Fun in Austin  and Food Good Laundry Bad, have good information.

If you are in a town or neighborhood affected by the fires, know that all of Texas is thinking about you and sending you good thoughts and wishes.

The logo at the beginning of this post is from the Texas Bloggers for Fire Relief. If you are a blogger and want to provide information to your readers about helping and/or join the linky, click here.