My Blogging Double Fantasy

Growing Up Austin - A Double Blogging Fantasy

This has been a secret until now, but I feel ready to be open about this.

I have blogging fantasies.

Fantasies change over time. A few years ago, when my girls were really little, my fantasies were about free, overnight babysitting. Now, just every now and then, they are about blogging. Like last week, as I was working on my post about Meredith Walker, co-creator with Amy Poehler, from Smart Girls at the Party and my fantasy went like this…


I’m in my office for my day job, on the computer, crunching some numbers, when my cell phone rings.

[Carol] Hello.

[Amy] Hello. Can I speak to Carol Ramsey?

[Carol] This is Carol.

[Amy] Hello, Carol. This is Amy Poehler.

(I’m not sure why my fantasy is about Amy instead of Meredith, Meredith is way better looking.)

[Carol] Hello, Amy.

[Amy] I just read your post about your interview with Meredith. That was a very good piece of writing.

[Carol] Thank You.

[Amy] I can tell from this one small writing sample that you are very talented. Your writing is strong, technically and artistically, and you are also very funny.

[Carol] Oh, my, thank you very much.

[Amy] I’m calling today to offer you a writing job.

[Carol] That would be great, but I have a family to support and my teenage daughter starts college in a few years.

[Amy] Oh, you mean that rumor that writers early in their career don’t make much money? That is just a rumor. You would make about the same as you do now, as a software professional with twenty years of experience.

[Carol] Wow, that is great.

[Amy] We need you Carol. The world is ready for what you have to say.


This may seem like a lot, but I have been in a vulnerable place. I have a vision about encouraging family experiences with hiking, live music and art. I want to believe that, on a given weekend, there are a few dozen of families in Austin that are hiking on Bull Creek, dancing at Guero’s or making art on a Second Saturday at Laguna Gloria because GrowingUpAustin made it easier. But I know how to crunch numbers and I know that I don’t have the reach to make that happen, not yet.

I laughed a little about Amy’s phone call. It’s OK to have fantasies, as long as you don’t fantasize all day. I got back to work. Then I started to imagine…

(I’m on a panel at the Texas Conference for Women about very successful writers who started as bloggers. A woman in the audience, I’ll call her Karen, is asking me a question.)

[Karen] Back before your writing was discovered and you had to write day-in and day-out and often late at night, feeling like maybe not many people were reading, how did you keep going?

[Carol] Well, Karen, that is a good question. It wasn’t always easy. Most writers have to write for a long time before they find their voice and their audience and there isn’t a short-cut to good, old-fashioned hard work. But there is one thing that helped, sometimes I would have these blogging fantasies…


OK, wait a minute. I was having a fantasy about my fantasy. Is that a double fantasy? Is that healthy? Or maybe it’s an initial sign of instability? Of writing too many late nights after the kids go to bed? Or ……maybe this is a sign that always comes just before your writing is discovered…

Oh, my. Then I got back to work again.

But, I was wondering, if you are a blogger, what is your blogging fantasy?