Too Old to be Cute

Growing Up AustinThis used to be one of my favorite summer outfits. It’s casual with earthy colors and a cute cut.

It’s not my favorite anymore.

My husband brings up in conversation all the time, even when completely unnecessary, that I’m almost 50.

I’m 44, but 44 is close to 45 and 45 rounds up to 50.

Which is why I’m too old to be cute.

I was shopping for flower girl dresses for Sparkles and Buttercup the other day and you know how they have the wall-to-wall mirrors and bright florescent lights at bridal shops? Every time I turned around I saw my legs in the mirrors and they were shocking. Maybe someone else’s legs, I thought. But no, they were mine, with cellulite that you could see from across the room. Then there was my pudgy tummy sticking out from under the blue t-shirt. This might be cute for a teenager with a belly button ring, but not for an older Mom with a little beer belly.

(Dear Shiner, Your Shiner Light Blonde apparently isn’t light enough. Love, Carol.)

I’m old like somebody’s Mom, one of the older Moms, which I guess I am.

Next week, I’ll share my response to the evolving shape of my body. For now, I bought some skirts and t-shirts from Old Navy which are a little good looking, without being too cute.