Happy Hour at Little Deli

Blue Eyes is a Happy Hour with some friends so the young girls and I do our own version of Happy Hour at the Little Deli across from the Crestview grocery. The girls get slices of cheese pizza and I get a chicken salad sandwich. The girls play on the gazebo, watch the birds and climb on the rocks. I see an old friend and we meet new neighbors, who also have two little girls. A fire truck stops in the lot, they are hungry for pizza too. One of the firemen shows the girls the truck and gives them stickers.

I love the Little Deli. There are practical reasons, like their Margherita pizza with whole tiny tomatoes, tasty chicken salad sandwiches or the yummy cakes for dessert. But it is the low-key, neighborly feel of the place that I like the most. It feels like home, except I don’t have to cook or clean, and I’m reminded that I love my neighborhood almost as much as I love Austin.