Elf The Game – A Christmas Gift For You

Elf The Movie

Picture courtesy of Amazon.com. Click to purchase Elf – The Movie.

I was thinking, I’m really glad that y’all read this blog and I’m really not going to blog for the rest of December, so what can I share instead?

Do you like Elf, the movie? Do you like games? Do you want to have fun?

Elf – The Game is home-made. The rules are flexible. The game changes every year. It is a Word document without a board or a box or pieces. There might even be a mistake in there somewhere.

People who have played Elf – The Game at least one time ask me in December, “Hey, when is Elf Night?”

Elf Night, of coarse, is the traditional holiday evening when families gather to eat spaghetti, play Elf – The Game and then snuggle on the couch, hopefully in pajamas, to watch Elf one more time.

I can’t invite y’all all to my house, so I’ll share my game with you. Use the PDF as-is or use the Word version and make it your own.

Elf -The Game (Word)

Elf – The Game (PDF)

I hope y’all have a very Merry Christmas.