You Won’t Believe What is Behind This Door

Growing Up Austin

Today was the day that Buttercup hid for real, unlike her earlier attempts. She found a place from which all parts of her body were not visible. She stayed there more than 30 seconds. She did not announce her location. Ah, my baby girl is growing up.


It’s All Good, We Have Time To Figure It Out

This is Sparkles and Buttercup playing Hide-n-Seek the other day. This is how the game worked.

  1. Sparkles pulls back the cushion on the couch and steps behind it.
  2. Sparkles asks Buttercup to help cover her with a blanket.
  3. Buttercup sits back on the couch and counts to twenty.
  4. Buttercup lifts the blanket off Sparkles.
  5. Buttercup and Sparkles shriek with delight.
  6. Sparkles and Buttercup repeat steps 1-5 using the same couch cushion and blanket, trading roles each time.

My girls have learned a lot since their early games of peek-a-boo as infants. But watching them reminded me of how much more they have to learn before they can do grown up things like drive cars and have jobs and vote.

Speaking of voting, this scene reminds me of the current debates in Congress.

It’s all good though, my girls are young, they don’t have an August 2nd deadline, and we have time to figure it all out.