Austin City Limits WITHOUT a Ticket: A Three-Point Plan

Austin City Limits Music Festival
After reading Austin City Limits with Kids and Austin City Limits without Kids, you might be saying, “Great! Thanks for all the info about this amazing festival that is SOLD OUT!”  Well, for one thing, you can still get tickets on Craig’s List or StubHub, although, I admit, it is a bit of a hassle and/or expense. But wait, there is more. This post is just for you, it’s my three-point plan for what you can do WITHOUT an ACL ticket.

KUT Live at the Four Seasons – Enjoy a smaller version of ACL with four ACL bands on the lawn of the downtown Four Seasons, from 9am-1pm on Friday. For a $10 donation to the Seton Shiver’s Cancer Center, enjoy breakfast tacos, coffee and some pretty sweet live music. This even isn’t geared towards kids specifically, but if your kids do well in public places with a lot of adults, they should be fine. Just take it easy and make for the exit if things get crazy.

KGSR Live at Threadgill’s – Enjoy a larger, but still smaller version of ACL with eleven ACL bands at Threadgill’s World Headquarters on Barton Springs from 8:30am – 11:30am on Friday and Saturday. This event asks for a $5 donation to the Seton Shivers Cancer Center. The first 100 people get a free breakfast taco, after that food and drinks are available for purchase. They are offering a Crown Royal Kickstart (Crown Royal + Bailey’s, Kaluha & Coffee) that sounds interesting, maybe more so if you don’t have the kids with you. This event gets bonus point for having the Saturday option for working Moms.

Official ACL Music Festival Late Night Shows – Someone figured out that a lot of really great bands are in town for ACL and ACL shuts down about 10pm. Why not keep the music playing? C3 Concerts, the producers of ACL, have organized twenty-eight late night shows with ACL artists at local venues, Wednesday through Saturday nights. These shows are definitely not kid-friendly, but getting a sitter for the kids isn’t necessarily a disadvantage. Buy your tickets soon, though, some shows are already, you guessed it,  SOLD OUT.

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