Superman, March for Grace and Mother’s Day

Yesterday, Sparkles, Buttercup and I were walking along Lady Bird Lake. Buttercup was in the red wagon and Sparkles was walking next to it. Then Sparkles walked up a separate sidewalk that headed further up a hill, but it merged back with the trail just up ahead, so I let her go. It is fun to see her independence and also see her look our way now and then, just to check in.

Near the end, when the sidewalk and the trail merged again, Sparkles left the sidewalk and walked into the grass, avoiding the merge. Then she started heading up towards the street. I told her to stop and she didn’t.

Just then, a man jogging along the lower trail made a hard turn and ran towards Sparkles. He picked her up in his arms and flew into the afternoon sky, his cape billowing in the wind… Read More »