My Freaky Blue Polka Dotted Baby

What is it with these blue eyes? Aren’t they kind of freaky? This doll could be in a Stephen King movie about a possessed baby doll that attacks you in the middle of the night with something she found in the kitchen.

Well, it is true that this version of Mrs. Beasley seems to have had her bangs trimmed awfully short. And she lost all her clothes some where along the way.

And the original seems a little easier on the eye…

Photo courtesy of Back To Basics Toys

I remember Mrs. Beasley on the TV show Family Affair, when Buffy had a Mrs. Beasley.  Mrs. Beasley listened to all Buffy’s problems and Buffy said Mrs. Beasley wasn’t a doll, she was a friend.

Well, I didn’t exactly remember the quote and everything, I needed TV Acres to help with the details, but that is how it felt, like I had a friend. That is why I didn’t notice at first, when I pulled her out of storage where she has been for decades, that she looks kind of freaky. I gave her to Buttercup and while Mrs. Beasley isn’t her favorite baby, they have become friends. I’m glad I could return the favor to Mrs. Beasley, after all these years.