If Love Is In the Details, then I am a B*tch

Growing Up Austin

I remember when Oprah said “Love is in the Details.” She was talking with a florist who had created the most perfect arrangement of beautiful flowers for an event Oprah was hosting. They were the exact right type of flower, the exact right shade of pink and the exact right stage of bloom, arranged artfully, with great care.

I like Oprah, but I call bullshit on that because if love is in the details, then I’m a bitch.

This picture is from my dinner party last week. When my friend and her kids arrived, this was on my counter and I said, “Make your self a taco!”  No recipe. Paper plates. Mostly H-E-B brand. I’m not sure why I still had the cooking oil out. It wasn’t a side dish really, just a messy kitchen.

If I waited until I could host the most perfect dinner party, with three kids and full-time work, my kids might be fully grown before that happens. If I made formal invitations and flower arrangements and a takes-more-than-30-minutes meal, I would have been staying up until midnight and skimping on work and getting so tired that I’m grumpy and don’t even want people over.

I say love is imperfect and it is in the connection, not the flower arrangements. It is asking my friend how she is doing and really listening to what she says. It is seeing her boys and my girls play together, acting out some sort of princess-based sword fighting drama. It is laughing about how exactly the cooking oil is meant to be served.

Love isn’t fancy, it is simple. It doesn’t take money or special training or perfection, it just takes intention and time. Maybe I will host fancier dinner parties some time, maybe not.  I’m not worried about it either way because I know that Love is in the Connection.

You Won’t Believe What is Behind This Door

Growing Up Austin

Today was the day that Buttercup hid for real, unlike her earlier attempts. She found a place from which all parts of her body were not visible. She stayed there more than 30 seconds. She did not announce her location. Ah, my baby girl is growing up.


What If You Go Up?

Growing Up Austin

Sparkles and I were leaving the garage at The Triangle after dinner. On auto-pilot, I pulled out and turned the car to head down the ramp. Sparkles asked what would happen if we went up instead of down?  Well, I didn’t know. So we turned around and went up. The top level of the garage had a good view of the city and it was interesting to see things from above instead of ground level. The same buildings we drove by all the time had different shapes and colors and we hadn’t ever seen the rooftops before. Sparkles pointed to interesting spots with her lollipop from Galaxy Cafe. It was fun to go up instead of down. Thanks for the idea, Sparkles.