My Baby is a Genius – Part II

Growing Up Austin

Almost anything can happen once, but this was this was the third time Buttercup had peed on the floor just in front of the toilet. We were at a fancy wedding, she was wearing a fancy dress, standing right in front of the toilet, with a puddle between her legs. Thank goodness for the extra pair of panties in my purse.

Buttercup asks for privacy when she goes to the bathroom these days. Something must be going on behind the door. I knelt down and looked Buttercup in the eye. “What is going on, baby girl?” (Maybe I should stop calling her baby girl. She is three-years-old, after all.) She looked at me a little shy, then she spilled the beans.

She was trying to pee like a boy.

I’m not serious about specific and narrow gender-based boundaries for my girls, except when it comes to how to pee. I explained to Buttercup that she is a girl, she doesn’t have a penis and she needs to sit down to pee.

Sometimes when you are very sure you are right as a parent, you aren’t.

We were home a few days later and Buttercup had to pee. She was looking for the bathroom stool. I asked her if she really needed it now that she is three-years-old. She said she did need it so we found it and she went about her business. But she left the door open. As I walked by, I saw something strange.

She was peeing like a boy.


She was standing on the stool, leaning over the toilet with her hands on the toilet tank, so when she peed, the pee went into the toilet.

My baby is a genius. (I think.)

It’s Better When I Can Find the Puddle

Growing Up Austin

Blue Eyes, Sparkles, Buttercup and I headed for dinner to the Urban – An American Grill, because Heidi at Free Fun in Austin recommended it. I didn’t know the restaurant was in the Westin hotel at the Domain. This isn’t my usual neighborhood and everything seemed a bit grown-up and fancy for a family night out with two toddlers who don’t like to sit still. I told the hostess right up front that they seemed a little fancy for my family with kids, but she said they they love kids, so we sat down to dinner.

They had crayons, coloring paper and a kid’s menu. But, you don’t know for sure if a place really likes kids until someone pees in their panties. Which Buttercup did.

The only trouble is, I couldn’t find the puddle. Does that happen to you sometimes? Depending on the clothes and the shoes and the body’s position at the time of the peeing, it is possible to pee in your panties without peeing on the floor. It is also possible to leave a puddle that is hard to see in a dark restaurant, especially when your kid spent some time under the booth’s table.

I told our waitress that there was likely pee in the area, but I couldn’t find where. It didn’t phase her and she was gracious.  She brought us a towel (well, it was more of a bath mat, but the same idea) in case we needed it and said we could keep it, in case we could use it for the car seat on the way home.

Do you know now some restaurants say they are kid friendly but they don’t FEEL kid friendly, especially when something unexpected and loud/embarrassing/messy happens? Urban – An American Grill FELT kid friendly, even when it wasn’t easy to be.

Besides that, the Shrimp Pomodoro was super yummy and the burger was the opposite-of-fast-food, a-chef-made-this-burger, calorie-worthy kind. It was more expensive than our usual dinner out, but the food was worth the price. It is good to know a place that has grown-up food that welcomes the kids too. You can check out their menu here.

Thanks for the tip, Free Fun in Austin. Thanks for the towel, Urban-An American Grill. We’ll be back.

(No, this isn’t a sponsored post, it is just what I was thinking about today.)

Alert Status: Orange

Growing Up Austin Day at the Park(Before you think Sparkles and Buttercup have a rare skin condition, they have partially worn-off temporary tattoos on their legs.)

Moms and Dads have a warning system that they develop and evolve over the years. Mine goes something like this…

Green – All is well. No immediate threats. Proceed as normal.
Red – Possible immediate hospital visit and/or other insurance claim. Drop your coffee and address the situation right away.
Orange – Something unusual makes you say, “Hhhmmmmmmm.” Set your coffee down and investigate.

Blue Eyes will tell you that my sensitivity for the Orange status is off and some times the kids cut their own hair or take a bath in Calamine Lotion on my watch, but he will need to get his own blog if he wants to write about that. AND, I would argue, by evidence of this very post, that I can’t be THAT far off.

After our picnic on the bleachers, Sparkles and Buttercup are playing on a playground, on the other side of the play scape, and I’m sitting at a picnic table.

Sparkles comes to me and asks for a wipe. You know, a diaper wipe. I don’t carry a diaper bag anymore, since Buttercup has been wearing panties and using the potty for a few weeks now. But I happened to have one. As she walks away, I say “Hmmmmmmmmm, why does she want a diaper wipe?”

Status Alert: Orange

I get up and walk to where they are playing.

Buttercup’s panties are around her ankles.

She is squatting.

She is in mid-poop.

Status Alert: RED. RED. RED. Flashing lights. Sirens. RED. RED. RED.

I take the wipe from Sparkles. I swoop in, using athletic moves that my body has never known, and I catch the poop in the wipe before it falls to the ground.

Yeah, yeah, about David Freese as the World Series MVP. I don’t know if he could have handled this catch.

I can feel the warm poop through the wipe. That is a strange feeling that I hope I don’t feel again for a long time.

(But it reminds me a lot of our play date last Friday when Buttercup comes up to me, arms wide, saying “Pick me up!” So I pick her up and hold her close, only to realize, because of the warm, wet feeling on my side just above my hip, that she probably meant to say “I just now peed in my panties.” Potty training is such a mix of joyful expectation and extra laundry.)

Blue Eyes is right about one thing. The Orange state is harder. It takes experience and intuition to know when something isn’t quite right. Like when water is running in the bathroom for to long or there is a little sound coming from the pantry when the door is closed.

We are back to Green for today. I’ll let you know if there are any changes.