Clean Up In Stall Two. Clean Up In Stall Two.

Sparkles is in the bathroom stall, right next to the potty, with her tights and panties pulled down around her ankles.

But, like most Olympic sports, fractions of a second can make all the difference, and she pees through her tights and panties, onto the floor.

I’m just about finished cleaning up when I look back at Buttercup, who is just outside the open stall door.

There is a smile on her face.

She is holding her diaper in her hand.

There is a yellow puddle on the floor between her legs.

She follows her older sister in so many ways and not all of them are good.

I wouldn’t give it up for anything, though, the connection that they have. How they help each other and argue with each other and follow each other. It is sweet to see, even when it requires some extra cleaning.

No Photo, Please Mom

I taught Sparkles to touch her toes when I wipe her bottom and it works pretty well. Buttercup loves her sister and wants to be like her sister, so now she does the same thing on the changing table. It is the funniest thing. And no, it doesn’t work as well when I’m trying to put on her diaper, but it sure does make me smile.

It’s the Same, Just Different

Several weeks ago (my posting isn’t always timely or in order, that is for sure), Blue Eyes, Sparkles, Buttercup and I went to the Yard Art Tour. (Many thanks to Spike Gillespie for her more timely post.) We started at the house of The Sharon Smith, where we saw this…

The Sharon Smith at the 2010 Austin Yard Art Tour

And, while there were 23 homes on the tour, sometimes things are different with little kids, so after we smelled poop, and not from the kid wearing the diaper, we headed home. I might think that I didn’t get to see much art, but I’d rather think that at this pace, I’ll never run out of art to see. It’s kind of the same with little ones, just a little different.