A Mouthful of Trouble

Buttercup is walking. It is oh, so sweet. What does it feel like for her, to mostly see the bottom 12 inches of the world, well, that and the ceiling, for a whole year, then be able to stand up and walk around on your own, exploring a whole new universe?

So, I’m helping Sparkles on the toilet. She has just pooped and peed, which everyone is very excited about. I help her down and she is touching her toes so I can wipe her bottom. I finish the job and look up to see Buttercup standing at the side of the toilet.

She has a wad of wet toilet paper in her hand.

She has her hand in her mouth.

There is only one way that toilet paper could have gotten wet.

Ahhhhhhhh, grosssssss!!!!!!!

Buttercup walks, but there is a lot left to learn about the world between the bottom 12 inches and the ceiling. May I have the patience to help her learn. May I have a quick eye and be extra careful when we are near a toilet.

Big Girl Panties

Potty training started today.  We thought about waiting until Sparkles got past this phase of pushing her sister and not listening to her parents, but that was overly optimistic.

1 trip to Target to pick out princess and Elmo panties. 3 accidents. 4 successful pees in the potty. Only 7? more days to go…