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Growing Up Austin Shoal Creek

Austin Kids Hike‘s Shoal Creek page has new information about the trail between Pease Park and Lady Bird Lake, through the heart of downtown. The description has been updated and there are three new trail heads at the south end of the map. My friend and I walked it the other day and we learned a lot. For one thing, if you find yourself on a mountain bike trail, know that this is a terrible place for hiking and head back West until you find the trail again. And, if you get thirsty and you are with your girlfriend instead of your kids, you can climb the stairs at 5th street and get a single glass(es) of wine at Whole Foods Market.

The funky nature of this part of the trail may change soon, because the City of Austin is considering making upgrades. Upgrades are good, but if you want to check it out while it is still funky, check it out now.

Condos being built along the banks of the creek…

An old bridge and an even older bridge are one and the same…

A concrete easement makes for part of the trail, with a few parts that might get your feet wet. This is part of the trail that the city would replace.

There is an interesting array of pipes that cross Shoal Creek in some kind of exposed way, some with little bridges built just for them.

Growing Up Austin Shoal Creek

This old piece of bridge is still standing, with cut off railroad ties on either end. It is made of just wood and screws. It amazing to imagine it holding up a train.

My girls loved all the funky parts of this trail. Maybe your kids will too!

Find more information about Shoal Creek on Austin Kids Hike, this story is from Trail Head #8, 9 and 10.

Looking for Bears on Shoal Creek

Someone told Buttercup there might be bears in there. At just two-years-old, she is both gullible and brave.

My brother, sister-in-law and their kids were in town and they said “let’s do something Austin-ish” so I started to pack a backpack for St. Edward’s Park on Bull Creek (see the pins in the middle of the creek), then my other brother said, “Hey, they want to head back to Houston in an hour” so I had to re-think. We changed plans and headed to the Lamar and 31st access point on Shoal Creek, right in the middle of town.

The access point at Lamar and 31st drops down from street level quickly, with cliff walls of rock on your left and the creek on your right. Lamar isn’t far away, but it feels like you must have driven for hours to see this beautiful place.

All five girl cousins ages 2-10 ran, climbed and squealed along the trails. It was all the fun they could handle and it didn’t cost money or involve sugar. I can’t wait until more family comes to visit and I can bring them too.

Find more information about Shoal Creek on Austin Kids Hike, this story is from Trail Head #5.

Living Outdoor Measuring Stick

Being with your kids outdoors give you a measuring stick of sorts for how they are growing up.

On a quick trip to Shoal Creek, Sparkles hopped across the boulders without holding my hand for the first time…

Austin Parenting Mom Kids Outdoors Shoal Creek

She had her own ideas for what to do with the very-mini-Stonehenge…

Austin Parenting Mom Kids Outdoors Shoal Creek

And she climbed the low hanging tree to take in the view.

All firsts for Sparkles. I can’t wait to see what happens next.

Find more information about Shoal Creek on Austin Kids Hike, this story is from Trail Head #4.

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