Just About Freezing Was Just About Right

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Weather.com said the high for the day was 60, which would be really nice, but it was 8am and my iPhone weather app said 35. I grew up in Texas and anything near freezing seems exceptionally cold, when everyone should stay indoors and only drive in an emergency.

But I told Blue Eyes I would keep the girls out of the house while he worked on a project and my brother was waiting for us. And,it isn’t like we are walking the Oregon Trail for nine months, it is just a hike, so we bundled up and went on our way.

I love the Shoal Creek trail head at Lamar and 31st. As the trail heads downward from the street, the buildings disappear and you hear the cars less. A tall cliff wall of rock rises on your left and the creek falls down below on your right. It feels like you are walking into a different world, a million miles away from work and errands and everyday practical things that keep you busy.

There is something beautiful about how the girls explore in the woods, how sticks, rocks and dirt become their toys, no batteries required. We walked on boulders, threw rocks in the water and discovered snail fossils. My brother brought his friend’s dog and the dog liked Shoal Creek too.Parenting Austin Mom Kids Outdoor Shoal Creek

It was warming up, especially in the sun, and the girls took off their coats. No, it wasn’t too cold. It was just right.

Find more information about Shoal Creek on Austin Kids Hike, this story is from Trail Head #5.

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