Me and Spike Gillespie to Perform at the Moth in Austin

The Moth

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Spike Gillespie, Austin’s own writer, performer and all-around-fun personality, announced on Facebook yesterday that she has been asked by The Moth to perform a story at their Austin performance in December.

I told y’all before that I LOVE the Moth and Spike Gillespie is GREAT, so isn’t that fun for everybody?

Well, I have a little of my own news to share. The Moth has also asked me to perform at the show. I won’t be exactly on stage, more near the lobby and I will technically be required to sell t-shirts while I tell my story during intermission, but I still consider this my big break.

Do you love stories too? Then come see The Moth in December at the Paramount. You can see Spike Gillespie tell her story and you can buy a Moth t-shirt from me. I promise it will be fun for everybody!

(UPDATE: Spike didn’t end up performing that night and I sold a ton of  t-shirts.)