You Know You Are In Trouble When the Tax Man Comes To Your House

Blue Eyes and I are going through the mail and he hands me this.

This is a notice from Charles, a Tax Auditor, saying he has been to our house to talk to us in person about our taxes and would we please give him a call.

“Oh #$%#$%”*#$&%&*!!!!!” I say to Blue Eyes. This notice reminds me of this letter…

This is a letter is from Charles, the Tax Auditor, saying he would like to talk to us as soon as possible about our taxes. It has been in a pile on my desk for a while and I sort-of misplaced the pile and I sort-of hadn’t looked for the pile, because I have been too busy at work.

Do you know when you get so busy you don’t even know what you need to do, you just jump into the most urgent thing first thing in the morning and there never stops being urgent things?

I work from home part-time. I have comp hours and vacation time to take off every Friday for about a hundred years. But I don’t. I eat through lunch. I answer emails while listening on conference calls. No personal business, not one single phone call. I think about work after I shut down, when I’m playing with my girls in the afternoon.

I talked to Charles the next day and it wasn’t too bad. I nearly got an accounting degree when we had a part-time nanny in 2009, so I could figure out how to handle the taxes. Apparently, I didn’t graduate with honors. We paid the Federal Taxes, but I didn’t know about the Texas Unemployment Insurance Tax. I sent him the details about paychecks and dates. He is going to do the math and let me know how much we owe.

Minor crisis averted. Bigger question not yet solved. The answer for work/life balance is more complicated than our taxes. If you have the answer, let me know.