What Does It Feel Like?

Sometimes I step back and feel what it feels like when I when I’m with my girls. Because even if I get the practical things right, it won’t be right unless it feels right.

Sometimes I feel happy, I adjust to the unexpected easily and everyday things make me laugh.

Sometimes I feel frustrated, I’m quick-tempered and everyday things seem very hard.

So, while being aware of all this, I noticed something that I say sometimes that I really don’t like.

Sometimes I say “WHAT!?” to my girls.

Sometimes I say “what?”, the regular “what?” when I didn’t hear something or I need more information.

Sometimes I way “WHAT!?” when I mean “I’m really annoyed right now because of you so get it together and tell me what I need to know!”

Part of me thinks my frustration is justified and I will get my answer more quickly if I use a stern voice.

Part of me thinks this isn’t a kind way to talk to people.

I imagine my girls when they are older and I want them to be able to find kind words and a steady voice when they are frustrated.

I imagine that the best way for them to learn that is for me to show them.

I imagine if I try really hard to show them how I want them to handle being frustrated, I might actually learn how to handle being frustrated.

I feel like that would feel better. That is WHAT!?, I mean what I’m going to try to do.