Playing Fair With Carrie Rodriguez

You know how when you have little kids and sometimes you are running late and the you can’t find your 1-year-old’s shoes and you trip over your cat then your 3-year-old announces in a booming voice “I have POOP in my PANTIES!!!!” and it seems like the universe isn’t on your side?

Sometimes I’m not sure if the universe likes little kids, the way it seems to act up more when they are around.

I have a rule for myself.  If I get frustrated some times when the universe isn’t on my side,  then I should also recognize when the universe is walking right next to me and holding my hand.

Like a few nights ago. I was in downtown Minneapolis for work and the work day was over, so I headed to Target to pick up something I forgot to pack and then I mistook Target corporate headquarters for the Target downtown store and because I did those two things first, I saw this sign…

The Dakota
Carrie Rodriguez with Ben Kyle

And it just happened to be 7pm. And I was hungry. And The Dakota has amazing food. And I love Carrie Rodriguez. I had never seen her live and we were both a thousand miles from our homes in Austin and we met at the same time,  on the same downtown street corner, by complete random chance.

All right then, universe, I’ll play fair. That night, you were very good to me. The show was amazing, with the kind of singer-songwriter songs that have an engaging personality, even when they are quiet, in the stillness between the notes. Her new CD is Love and Circumstance and my favorite song is Big Love.

I’ll see you next time, universe, when you come around again, whether you are holding my hand or hiding the shoes, I’ll be ready and play fair.