The T-Shirt That Almost Cost Me Everything

How about these kid’s t-shirts? Super cute, huh? (You still have until midnight 2/9/2012 to win Giveaway Package #2 that includes 2 of these t-shirts.) Well, they almost cost me my marriage because Nick Peoples is on my List.

You know the List.

Two people in a committed relationship keep a list of famous people who they can sleep with, without consequence. When I first got married, I refused to recognize the List because I’m old-fashioned that way. But I lightened up. And it isn’t like Blue Eyes is really going to meet Salma Hayek.

Then, in 2005, my List came in handy. In the most exciting college baseball season of all time, the University of Texas Longhorns won the College World Series to become National Champions.

Imagine just this one highlight. Tied game with Baylor. Bottom of the 9th. Chance Wheeless had a hurt shoulder. The trainer wrapped it when Chance played first base and unwrapped it when he was at bat. In his last at bat, he fell to the ground in pain when he swung and missed. If there ever was a time in all of baseball history for a pinch hitter, this was it.

Chance Wheeless came to the plate. I was screaming my head off and running around the house. How could this be happening? He was crippled! He should be in the hospital!

He hit a walk-off home run to win the game. The team went on to win the College World Series.

So, I put the 2005 UT Men’s Baseball team on my list. They are all still on my list. Blue Eyes claims that I can’t have an entire team take just one spot on my list, but I told him, it’s not like I’m really going to meet them.

I was picking up the t-shirts from PSG T-Shirts when I saw the University of Texas baseball jersey on the wall, framed and behind glass. I asked Larry Peoples, the owner, how he came to have that jersey. He said Nick Peoples is his son, THE Nick Peoples that scored the tying run in that same game with Baylor by slamming into home plate like a freight train, knocking the ball from the catcher’s glove. 

My first thought was to tell him, “Hey, he’s on my List!” but that seemed weird.  I’ll keep my List but I won’t ever use it.  I’m still old-fashioned that way.

Strong Powerful Women and also Tall

I like University of Texas football and all and I did enjoy last week’s win against A&M even though with 2 minutes left to go I said I would never watch football again because it might give me a heart attack. I got over it quickly, though, as the football sailed through the uprights as the clock ticked down to zero and we won. Hook ’em Horns.

University of Texas women’s volleyball is different. The stage is smaller. You can see the players up close. You can sense more directly the speed of the serve and the nearly instant, rock-solid response of the defense. The hitter strikes the ball with such force and speed, you have to watch closely or you will miss it. Cheerleaders cheer. The band plays. Sparkles and I went to a game last month and it was a pretty sweet time.

(OK, we did get there late which is how we got these not-so-special, general-admission seats with the less-than-perfect view. And we had to leave early due to attention span issues. But it was still a pretty sweet time.)

Besides my awe at the sheer athletic ability and the team spirit and determination on display, I enjoy the games in another way too.

I grew up in the time when men played sports and women cheered from the sidelines most of the time. Now women play too – strong, powerful women. (In this case, they are also very tall.) I’m not sure how often this happens, but I’ve seen men from the UT swim team show up in their speedos to cheer on the women. I get a kick out of that. Here is a video of their excitement after ANOTHER win against Texas A&M a while back.

Another good reason to bring this up now is that the UT Women’s Volleyball team just won the Big 12 Championship. Hook ’em Horns again. AND, they #earned the #1 seed in the NCAA Championship Tournament. AND, UT is hosting the First and Second rounds of the tournament this weekend in Gregory Gym.  AND, instead of the crazy prices and crazy you-can’t-get-a-ticket-at-all football business, you CAN get a ticket to a volleyball game for as low as $5. Tickets may be purchased at

Go Lady Longhorns! Just don’t give me a heart attack. 🙂


It’s Time To Go Home Now

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