Wild, Wild Night at the Cactus (For Now)

Logo courtesy of University of Texas

You should have seen us, Blue Eyes and I, out on a Friday night past 9. Our neighbors invited us out, they have little kids too and all of us had babysitters. Our dancing plans didn’t work out, so we ended up at the Cactus Cafe to see the Asylum Street Spankers. I liked their songs, but I liked their performance even better. They were fun and funny and had a great energy about them. Wammo told great stories about lunch boxes and beer. Christina Marrs’ last song was naughty, more naughty than I get at my naughtiest and she was on stage with her clothes on. Read More »

Complex Medical Procedures at the Medi-Clinic

Photo courtesy of New York State Department of Health

“Can you get the ear wax out of her ear?” I ask the doctor.

“Oh, no, I don’t think so,” she replies. “Let me call my boss and ask.”

I didn’t know getting ear wax out of a kid’s ear was such a complex procedure.

Sparkles and I are at the West Isle Urgent Care in Galveston, Texas on Friday night at 10:30pm. Read More »