The Attack of the Monster Sock!

Sparkles is in Blue Eyes’s lap and his hand is wrapped in a sock, circling high above her head as he yells “The Monster Sock is going to get you! The Monster Sock is going to get you!

Sparkles LOOOOOOOVES it. She is giggling and squealing and loooooving every minute that the Monster Sock plans his attack and especially when he closes in and tickles her. She essspeeecially loves that.

This is Blue Eyes with our girls. Something so simple as putting on Sparkles’s socks in the morning becomes a spontaneous, creative and magical game. It is so sweet to watch and the good energy is contagious.

It only sometimes, every now and then, makes me a little nervous. Like when it is bedtime and I tell Sparkles it is time to brush her teeth and she says “Daddy! Daddy! Daddy brush teeth!” This makes sense. Sparkles spent the afternoon with me and Blue Eyes hasn’t been home for long. And, Sparkles and Buttercup go to bed about the same time and it isn’t like Blue Eyes can breast feed the baby. But I worry a little, that between Buttercup needing me more and Blue Eyes and his Monster Socks, Sparkles will love him more.

Which is silly, how can you measure love? There is love enough for everyone, right? Well, sometimes our lives are busy and Noel needs to choose between going to the grocery store with Dad and going to Amy’s Ice Cream and a movie with me and she chooses the grocery store. And maybe that makes sense too, since I am the Step-Mom and I don’t have the history or the stories or the foundation and layers of love that is twelve years deep, but it still hard for me as a parent, to feel that.

So, I worry a little. My style is different, I’m fun, but not THAT fun. I’m more quiet and thoughtful. I don’t mean nicer, I just think more than I tickle.

I will have to trust the moments. The times during the day when we are doing something together and we are fully present, talking or hugging or playing in the park, and trust in that. That is what I will do to defend against the Attack of the Monster Sock!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHH!!!!

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  1. I totally get this feeling, but I have never been able to articulate it well. Not only do I “not have time” but I honestly HATE to play and goof around. I fear that I will make a terrible grandparent. I do all the things that “need to get done,” and my husband is the go-to playmate. My saving grace is that when my daughter is in pain or is upset, no one but her Mama will do to comfort her.


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